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This is not completely devoted to Eisenhower. At all, really. Although I am.

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I tried to draw my boyfriend person

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Tumblr that is Yosemite national park in California

Tumblr that is Yosemite national park in California

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i don’t know how to tumblr

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this post literally gets me through everything and anything

this post is so important 


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Vanity Fair’s 2008 ‘Hitchcock Hollywood Portfolio’

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The skeleton olympic uniforms are bad ass [Gallery]

Moment of silence for my boyfriends twin who was the highest ranking American to not go to Sochi in skeleton sad day

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A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, [it is] an obsession about female obedience.

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Understanding this concept is probably the only reason I know longer have weight issues. Instead of thinking that I should be thinner to look nicer, I’ve got it in my head that thinner=more compliant and over my dead body is that ever happening. 

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Ugh ugh ugh no no

Posts like the comment on this are the reason I have body image issues.

Saying “Thinner = more compliant” does not solve the problem of one body type being treated as more legitimate than another 

no no pooooo

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So last night we were “studying” right, and I found this huge easter island head outside of a random professors office. I zipped it into my raincoat and DEAR GOD for like two hours i could not stop laughing. After a while i started running through the halls of the business building with him, because our love could not be contained and whatnot. Anyways that was all fun and games until the next day my campus security found me and he said “Looked like you were having a lot of fun last night.” and for a moment i had forgotten and then he proceeds to say, “you know there are cameras all over that building.” I WAS BEING WATCHED. Those security guards were LAUGHING AT ME. They recognized me enough to approach me in our student center. Now every time i see a security guard I’m certain that they know. I’m the butt of their security guard jokes. I CANT EVEN. 

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